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Sunday, April 8, 2012

John Weisman links Raymond Davis arrest in Pakistan to Bin Laden operation

Fascinating book. It looks like Raymond Davis's elimination of two Pakistani ISI agents in Lahore in Feb '11 and the killing of a third by the CIA evac team were indeed linked to the Abbattobad surveillance op of Bin Laden's residence. I can find speculation of links but nothing as direct as this on the web. Davis appears to be ex Delta and Weisman, using pseudonyms, alleges the huge international furore caused by Davis's arrest (who was contracted to the CIA station at the time) by Pakistani police and subsequent retrieval on the explicit and unusual request of President Obama (combined with a $2.4m payment to the families of the dead men) was actually a meditated diversion to push the ISI off the trail of the extraordinary CIA surveillance program of Bin Laden in Abbattobad. In requesting Davis be returned to the US, Obama described him as "our diplomat" even though he was not actually a formal CIA employee. The surveillance op apparently involved a crippled Iraqi war veteran and language expert posing as a leper from the tribal regions...Pretty amazing stuff. The book itself is well worth a read here.

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