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Friday, August 12, 2011

Shares vs. Government Bonds vs. Housing over the last 11 years (chart + table)

Of course, Aussie housing smashes all other asset-classes (assuming you could invest in a national portfolio). But it turns out you basically did as well investing in 10 year government bonds as you would have the extremely volatile sharemarket over the last 11 years, with a fraction of the risk (no monthly losses of 5% or more with bonds but nine (9) months of losses greater than 5% with shares). And your worst monthly loss in Aussie shares (with dividends) was a huge 13.9%, which was more than three times the worst return in government bonds. I have used the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index for Aussie shares (so dividends reinvested), a total return index for 10 year Government bonds and bills, and capital growth plus 50% (or half) gross measured rents for Australian housing. This is all pre-tax and transaction costs.