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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've been inducted into Cut and Paste's Hall of Fame!!

Well, I am flattered. For the second time, The Australian newspaper has dedicated an entire Cut and Paste column to my exploits. This is actually Cut and Paste column number four or five that I have featured in. Don't tell anyone, but Nick Cater really loves me. In fact, he's even been kind enough to give my wife a guernsey in one. Yes, my "sympathetic" op-ed on Joe Hockey yesterday, which was mentioned by Treasurer Swan in parliament, and published by The Oz's main rival, the AFR, was the catalyst. Today's Cut and Paste is pretty funny. They also jab the AFR's outstanding leadership duo of Brett Clegg and Michael Stutchbury, both of whom were senior executives at The Oz. I thought the comparison of my new boss, Stutch, to an M1A Abrams tank was high impact. Today they also link in a column I wrote for the ABC years ago on an experience I had with ASIO and the Albania mafia. This was no laughing matter--I had three separate meetings ASIO on the subject. Yes, it is a small world: Peter van Onselen and Malcolm Turnbull somehow got involved. I don't mention it in the ABC article, but former weapons inspector Richard Butler was also there on the periphery. I am particularly pleased that Nick, his wife, Rebecca, and the venerable Chris Mitchell saw fit to highlight my post on Sunday on the "column crafting" process. You can read it unedited here. I like The Australian newspaper. They produce good work, and have some great people. Having said that, I probably only read David Uren, Adam Creighton, and Terry McCrann on Saturdays. As far as financial markets are concerned, there is no doubt that the revitalised AFR has left the competition in its wake. If you want to subscribe to the digital edition, click here.