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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Steve Keen: I was wrong...And wrong again

Interesting to see associate professor Steve Keen has tweeted out an admission that he was wrong (again) on Aussie house prices after predicting that the rate of house price declines would accelerate in 2012. According to the ABS, Australian house prices actually rose in the June quarter. The problem is that I am pretty sure Keen's explanation for this new error is also wrong: mortgage credit growth does not appear to be 'accelerating'. It has been growing rather steadily at around the pace of disposable household incomes (ie, circa 5-6% pa). Here is Keen's tweet today in response to a criticism levied by an individual, which is also enclosed for your edification:

"Individual: This makes a mockery of Steve Keen's 'accelerating rate of decline' prediction! @cjoye @profstevekeen"

"@ProfSteveKeen Yes it does, but it appears that's because mortgage debt has accelerated. So I guessed wrong. Post on this soon."