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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bayley on RBA's dilemma

Mark Bayley highlights the conundrum I pointed out in my column this week. If core CPI prints very low you could see them cutting 50 to allow the banks to claw-back margins OR not cutting at all and waiting for more visibility on global growth given rates are already stimulatory. I don't know anyone forecasting a really high core, with UBS the top of the pops at 0.65:

"Will (the employment data) have a material impact on the RBA’s thinking? Probably not; maybe a raised eyebrow. Of more importance will be next week’s CPI data. In addition, the significantly higher cost of bank funding will be the cause for some major head scratching at the RBA. It is becoming increasing evident that the banks will not fully pass on any rate cuts. So the RBA has to decide whether to cut by more so that it can get at least some impact on the mortgage market or decide that any move is just futile. I think that the RBA will be in the former camp."