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Monday, July 25, 2011

RP Data founder, Ray Catalan, passes

From RP Data's CEO, Graham Mirabito:

"My dear industry colleagues and friends of RP Data,

It is with deep regret that I advise you of the passing of RP Data founder, Ray Catelan. Ray lost his life on Saturday after a valiant struggle against cancer. A true pioneer of our industry, Ray’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit produced innovative property information which now benefits not just the real estate industry, but governments and indeed, most Australians. With no small thanks to Ray, we now enjoy the most informed property market Australia has ever seen.

Those of you that knew Ray will remember him for his spirited ways. Most of all, he will be remembered for his sheer determination, tenacity and true grit in building RP Data from nothing more than just a dream and a vision.

Ray was passionate about RP Data and worked tirelessly as he invested millions to create a business that many people said could not be done. In true Ray style, he never backed away from a fight and went on to establish Australia’s number one property information business.

Along with his loyal and dedicated team, Ray cleverly masterminded many innovations and defining developments of our industry. Before the turn of the Century he was responsible for the first digital map service to professionals, which he achieved by walking the streets and photographing every house in built-up Australia. To add to this, he then orchestrated the keying-in of property listings from newspapers nationally to produce ‘On The Market®’ with, which he later merged with to give both companies the break they needed.

I was privileged in 2005 to start to work with this great entrepreneur, innovator and change agent, whose solid foundation I have proudly built upon. Indeed, many of us, including our industry competitors, owe our good fortune and careers to Ray Catelan.

Over 20 years ago Ray modelled RP Data on one of First American's early businesses (known as TRW) , which was a constant inspiration to him. I can tell you personally that Ray was elated when we strategically partnered with First American (now CoreLogic) in 2006, giving him the confidence to hand over management to myself and the executive team. It was a fulfilment of his vision when we became a CoreLogic-owned business earlier this year. I am very pleased that Ray was able to witness that accomplishment, as it was the same executives from 20 years ago (George Livermore and Jerry Hoerauf) that concluded the RP Data/CoreLogic merger.

Fiercely loyal, Ray’s legacy stands proud and tall in the mortgage finance and property industries. At just 60 years of age, and after such amazing accomplishments, Ray has left us too early.

Our deepest condolences go out to Ray’s wife Linda and their family."