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Thursday, July 28, 2011

David Llewellyn-Smith correction

DLS, who posts under the name Houses and Holes over at the Macro Business blog, incorrectly stated that I "called" a May hike. He has now acknowledged this mistake and fixed it. At the time, I clearly stated that while I thought the RBA “should” raise rates in May, it probably would not. I argued that subject, crucially, to them receiving further validating data flows, June was more likely (noting that I disagreed with the delay). Of course, the RBA did not receive the supporting data, and got caught short by the next CPI print, as I correctly predicted was a risk. History repeated itself (with respect to the 2006-07 rate setting mistakes the RBA now recognises), as I have argued was the hazard here. Regrettably the risk is very much that the RBA neglects its only objective--price stability--in the name of not rocking the growth boat. The problem with this logic is that Australia could get high inflation in a low growth environment.